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Taxing Tuesday: Connecticut Advertising to Me  


25 June 2019, 21:45

Well, this is a bit different.

I got served up that ad on facebook this weekend.

Now, I know facebook knows where I live… BECAUSE I FRICKIN PUT IT IN MY PROFILE. I do get a bit tired when I put something in my profile somewhere, and they try to advertise something to me that I’ve explicitly stated I’m not interest in.

So, anyway, I followed the link in the ad, just because I was curious (and not because I’m silly enough to think it would be better in CT than Westchester for me.)

Again, note that they’re arguing that $8,200 is cheaper than Westchester. Well, okay, they are correct. This is a couple thousand less than in Westchester.

Here are some comments on the facebook ad, as I saw them:

Look, both NY and CT are high tax areas. Oh, CT doesn’t have county government? IT HAS A FRICKIN STATE GOVERNMENT. You think you’re not paying high state taxes?!


Oh, this may not have to do with taxes. Directly.

Where Rich Millennials Are Moving in 2019

The data & the visualization sucks. But I do not have time to fix their deficiencies. Let’s just take them at face value.

I’m snipping a bit of the table:

Because their display is idiotic, let me explain:
1. the first numerical column is the number of high-income millennials moving in
2. the second is the number moving out
3. the third is the difference between the two — the net migration number

The reason the data are idiotic is it’s just an absolute number… as opposed to a relative number (percentage change).

Oh look — New York is on the bottom at net negative ~4900!

Connecticut is at #43 with negative 460.

So, how does the total population of New York compare to the total population of Connecticut?

New York: 19.5 million
Connecticut: 3.6 million

So 460 out of 3.6 million is… 0.013%
4900 out of 19.5 million is… 0.025%

Okay, fine, New York is doing worse.

But not ten times as bad. Only twice as bad.


Forcing presidential candidates to take math tests to qualify wouldn’t do a damn thing, btw. Plenty of people who can pass academic math, and who know their “tax plans” are bullshit, could get through such hoops.


I agree with her. Student loans are a scam.

I went to college and got paid to go! And I got paid to go to grad school! No debt whatsoever.

If they make you pay — they obviously think they’re doing you a favor by letting you go to college. If they make you pay, then you should go do something else.

I don’t think people understand why I love these ideas. No, I don’t want these to go into effect. But the issue is that it’s a lot of “Wall Street Folks” who have funded these politicians.


Hey now, needs a lot of scrubbing, etc.

As mentioned earlier, this is just dumb. But hey, lots of dumbass tax ideas out there. Plenty of room for idiocy.

I don’t know what’s stopping them from writing bigger checks. It’s not like the government will refuse their money.

Hop to it! It’s patriotic!


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