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Quick note on Actuarial Outpost and New Mortality Video  


16 September 2020, 06:48

People who have been reading me for a long time know that I like to keep a record on the Actuarial Outpost, but that site’s nameservers seem to have gotten hijacked by a domain-squatting operation.

I know one workaround: go directly to their IP address of I don’t know if/when they’ll get the site’s nameserver working again [I don’t have any association with the company that owns the site], and in the meantime, I may do all my article round-up here on STUMP.

Direct IP links to my most active threads:

Mortality with Meep: Playing with WONDER

I did a video on playing with CDC’s WONDER database, which I primarily use to get mortality data.

(For some reason, YouTube isn’t playing nicely with embedding right now, so I will try to embed later.)

I think I’m going to do more videos showing how I use various data tools, because you might want to grab some data yourself. I have particular questions (especially with regards to mortality) that I like to play with, but maybe you have different questions you’d like to explore.


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