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Movember 2021 Wrap-Up and Working With WONDER  


5 December 2021, 19:53

Two Items for today

Movember 2021 Wrap-Up

Let’s see how we did:


I think I’m supposed to put some kind of “breaking through the roof” sketch on the graph, but as I don’t know how to do that, just imagine it.

Some video comments:

As noted, that means I’m going to be challenged to reach even farther next year! OH DARN!

It looks like they’re still taking donations for 2021, so if you feel so moved, my Mo Space is here:

Movember 2021 posts:

Working with WONDER — a new video series

WONDER is the CDC database that I use for general mortality trends, which you can find here:

Someone was remarking they were having trouble working with that database. While it’s not a very pretty interface, it’s not that bad compared with some other government data tools I attempt to use (and I generally just try to download the whole database when I can, and then do queries outside the government set-up…. but, for various reasons, governmental entities tend not to like you doing that.)

So I thought I’d build up demo videos to show people how to do their own queries. I am going to continue doing “Mortality with Meep” updates, but I understand that other people may want to investigate specific mortality trends that I have no interest in digging into. So let me show you how to do it.

The first video:

It will start out fairly basic. Eventually I will look at more complicated situations, such as the multiple causes of death database. That can get a bit hairy, because you need to be careful in the counting there.

As noted in the video, I plan on having a separate YouTube playlist for the “Working with WONDER” videos, and try to keep the “Mortality with Meep” videos focused on just talking about mortality trends more than how you investigate mortality.