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Advice on the CDC 2021 Life Expectancy Report  


6 September 2022, 06:02

In which I give advice to those currently living as to how to consider the effects of COVID on their life expectancy (short version: yes, COVID may have had an effect; no, the CDC report provides no information on that score) and advice to the CDC to stop using period life expectancy as a metric in following population mortality trends.

Mary Pat Campbell · Advice on the CDC 2021 Life Expectancy Report

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As of this morning (6 September 2022), it’s still in the dashboard.

Supposed housecleaning to come at the CDC

August 2022: from CDC website: CDC Moving Forward

Key Takeaways

  • There is a strategic imperative to modernize CDC so that it consistently delivers public health information and guidance to Americans in real time – a mission recognized by the talented people who work here and by public health experts around the globe.

  • Throughout her tenure as director, and over the last few months in particular, Dr. Walensky has evaluated CDC operations; she listened – to voices from within CDC, to our partners and other interested parties, and to external reviewers.

  • The director announced a series of changes that will prioritize public health action to help equitably protect and promote the health of the American people.

  • The optimizations are designed to not only change how CDC operates but also its culture, orienting it toward timely action – ensuring CDC’s science reaches the public in an understandable, accessible, and implementable manner as quickly as possible.

CNN: CDC announces sweeping reorganization, aimed at changing the agency’s culture and restoring public trust

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