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Building Bridges to STEM Careers  


3 August 2023, 21:08

I talk about BEAM (Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics), an educational non-profit currently based in NYC and LA focused on providing a program to help underserved students enter advanced study in mathematics. I have a personal connection to the founder Dan Zaharapol through Canada/USA Mathcamp, back when he was a student and I was staff. BEAM has a 10-year strategic growth plan and is also seeking people for two key roles.

Episode Links

BEAM: Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics:

Positions available

LinkedIn post from founder Daniel Zaharapol

Director of Institutional Giving: Lead our strategy and outreach with a highly engaged group of donors who are passionate about changing the face of STEM education.—5B94E

Manager of Math Instruction, Los Angeles: A unique opportunity to work on providing quality math instruction at all of our programs in one of our two core cities.

Two-pager on strategic plan

More detailed presentation on strategic plan

Canada/USA Mathcamp

December 2001: I’d Rather Go to Mathcamp by Brenda Fine in FOCUS Magazine

Yale Professor Serge Lang declared Mathcamp to be “the largest concentration of intelligence and math freaks” he had ever seen — and that’s in some five decades of work in the field.

False Proofs compiled by Meep (Mary Pat Campbell)

Meep’s Mathcamp page

The Contrapositones sing the Mathcamp anthem at Mathcamp 2012: Nonabelian (written by Meep & Chris Tuffley, with melody by Simon & Garfunkel)

Mathcamp book recommendations from 2001