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Trying Out a New Toy (to Make the Unseen Seen...)  


8 October 2015, 07:22

I have been playing with Tableau Public, and it’s really really fun (for me).


But then, you have got to realize an actuary’s idea of fun includes discussing Vampire Insurance, such as whether it should have a zombie inclusion, and a one pint deductible to make sure people aren’t claiming on blood drives.

Vampire Insurance Protection
Similar to the Old Glory Insurance company selling senior citizens robot insurance, I’m incorporating the sale of Vampire Insurance Protection (VIP) into my Halloween costume this year.

I’m looking for ideas on what this coverage should include and ways to sell it. This is part of a competition that I want to win.

Just remember to allow for the Incurred But Not Reanimated claims.
A Zombie exclusion. People sometimes get them confused.
Stake replacement available without deductible, sort of like lock replacement coverage in HO(if they still do that, been years since I worked on it).
Make a statement that the underwriters have a stake in this product.
Suggested discounts:
eating a meal with garlic daily -5%
wearing a necklass with a silver cross -5%
One of internal debates is whether this insurance coverage should be like an annuity that pays you if you make it to a certain point without being bitten or if it pays you if/when you do get bitten.

With this suggestion, I’m leaning more toward if/when you get bitten and then you’re paid in blood. Maybe also include some type of wooden stake and garlic removal service and/or protection against angry villagers with pitch forks.
Have another product available as well . . . Garlic/Stake/Silver Protection.
A vampire actuary can’t see his reflection in his shoes. If F course neither can a normal actuary becuase they don’t know how to bother wearing anything nice.
“Vanishing Deductible” might hit too close to home
You should be drinking Silver Bullet at this party
If it’s to protect the vampire, it definitely needs a dental component. Twice a year sharpenings with no deductible. Stain removal 40% coinsurance.
Dis Count Double Czech

Abe Lincoln Slaying Insurance (similar to Accidental Death Ins)
I need this insurance, le stat!
What’s your AM Beast rating? People will want to know
It could be:

I would worry about anti-selection on the annuity products.
just make sure you’ve filed everything with the Transylvania DOI
Transylvania is a No File state.
Definitely need pre-existing bite protections.
Vampire Flo: Nooooo, keep your Blue Cross away from me!
Name your own Vincent Price tool

Yes, actuaries find this to be uproariously funny.

Yes, we’re dorks.


Before I show off my new toy, let me thank my referrers:

Thanks to my re-tweeters as well!


Here it is — it’s a javascript thingy, so let me know if you can’t see it:

Alas, I didn’t make that nifty thing above. The author explains his project here.

I do hope to take information from the following databases to make some useful interactive data displays for people to play with. Anybody is absolutely welcome to embed any of the dashboards.


These are the data sources I intend on using (other than census and Bureau of Labor Stats, government stat stuff).

That’s actually quite a lot of data for now, and some of these databases are less user-friendly than others.

If anybody knows of publicly available databases I can use, please email me at

Data dashboards, here I come!

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