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9 December 2018, 17:43

Okay, y’all. I’ve been busy (I have a webcast on Tuesday, and other deadlines).

But I still “read”. Because I drive an average of 100 miles per day. It’s only that average because I drive about 140 miles M-F, and have less on Sat/Sun.

What I have to say about audiobooks:

I am referring to this post at Althouse.


C.S. Lewis actually wrote a sci-fi trilogy, though it doesn’t get the attention that the Narnia series has… because this sci-fi is definitely not for children.

Now, while I did read this trilogy in order, consider reading this (and other) trilogies backwards:

And here are my videos on the three books:

That Hideous Strength


Out of the Silent Planet

Of the three, That Hideous Strength is my favorite, but I will be re-reading them all, because Lewis is excellent at setting a scene. He has an issue with consistency (well, what can you expect from someone who didn’t go all the way to joining the Catholic Church (I’m being only somewhat snide here)), but he really can make your skin crawl and make you feel wonder in his writing.


I did enjoy Gogol’s book, but I definitely find Dostoevsky to be more compelling.


I will continue to review books and make short comments on my Mornings with Meep series (and yes, sometimes I record these later than morning).

I do have a larger channel, which has some rather old videos:

Of course, Meep’s Math Matters is for my topical videos — if you want to see my personal channel, it’s attached to my name. And it has much older videos.

Like this one… from 10 years ago:

I am definitely older than that now….