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Some Videos for a Sunday  


8 September 2019, 15:23

Hey guys – I’ve been really tired lately, and busy at work.

So have some videos.


The September sumo grand tournament has started, and two of my favorite wrestlers are in the tournament: Hakuho (the GOAT…and a really big guy) and Enho (a teeny guy, who is in Enho’s “stable”).

Here are Hakuho & Enho in action for the first day of the tournament, courtesy Jason’s All Sumo channel on Youtube.

And, thanks to natto sumo, all the matches in a row:

And now you can see why I like sumo: it’s so fast, I can watch all the matchups in less than a half hour.


Here, have some ducks.


Here, have some me.

Finally: an interview I did with Paul Johnson of Actuarial Toolkit.

See y’all!