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Meep in 2020: A Few Notes on Where to Find Me  


13 January 2020, 18:30

Howdy all — I do this from time to time, so you know where to look when I’m not here (and I’m usually not here). Especially as I seem to pick up more people over the years. This blog started back in 2014, and I intend on continuing this indefinitely.


Meep on twitter: meepbobeep. I dip my toes in about once a day. Feel free to @ me!

Meep on facebook: Mary Pat Campbell — all my posts are globally available, so you don’t have to friend me to read them. But it’s gonna be stuff like this:

My comment on the situation:

I am willing to bet 90%+ of our mutual connections are actuaries
The other 10% are actuarial recruiters. ;)

Yes, the person who I share over 650 connections with is a fellow actuary. He has a very good reason to have collected so many [he is some decades older than me], but me? The way I originally ended up with so many is I made the “mistake” of sending invites to everybody I ever emailed.

Meep on LinkedIn: Mary Pat Campbell — I just got myself a new professional picture, which is one of the reasons I am posting it. I really like the pic!

Meep on livejournal: meep – I’m not there as often any more, but I do still post there. I’ve been there for almost 20 years now.

Meep on goodreads: I read a lot. And I try to review books as I finish them. I just finished one called Trans Galactic Insurance: Adventures of a Jump Space Accountant, and it was loads of fun [and I don’t mean in an actuarial way.]. My review:

Fun sci-fi adventure

Don’t let the title fool you. There’s very little insurance accounting in the book (though there is a claims adjuster.) It’s a good old-fashioned hard sci-fi adventure story. Think of The Fugitive on space stations, with deception, pursuit, and revenge.


You are here. So yay.

Meep’s publications record: Mary Pat Campbell Publication and Presentation Record

I’ve got two YouTube channels. This one is my personal channel. I’ve got some odd videos I did a decade+ ago from train windows. I love riding on trains.

You may enjoy my playlists more. Most of the playlists are actually for my son. This kinetic typography playlist is fun. – I’ve looked for some others. Let me know of any you know of!

Here’s my Meep’s Math Matters channel, where I’ve been doing my book reviews and other things. Here’s my most recent video, on figuring out the time horizon to plan for retirement:

The following is not my channel, but I talked to a fellow actuary about the career and technical skills:

You can always go to my old website, and see some really old stuff, like a picture of when I was 20… and when I was 30…. and I see I have some really old links on there. I dug up my Camille Paglia shrine. That is super-old. (Yes, I still like her, but it’s from 1999 or so. I’d be surprised if any of those links still work.)

Oh, and I just found this video where you can get an idea of what I do for my day job.

And you can go here to see what I do in my side gig. I do need to do an updated post on that one. If you don’t want to follow that: I do webinars to help actuaries (and the actuarial-adjacent) make better spreadsheets.


And now I leave you with this moment of zen:

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