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Weekend Videos: Is COVID Saving Lives, Pennsylvania Schools Employees, SALT Cap  


25 April 2021, 11:50

It’s boom-and-bust with me for producing videos, alas. It is dependent on many factors, one of which I have some quiet time to make such videos. (With three teens at home, one autistic, this is tough… which is why I did two of these videos are from my van, at the laundromat.)

Is COVID Now Saving Lives?

Short answer: no, with a but
Long answer: this video

Looking at U.S. mortality stats as of April 23, 2021 —and thinking what full year 2021 deaths may look like. Plus discussing co-morbidities and correlations.

The links:
Powerline blog post: COVID IS NOW SAVING LIVES

Twitter conversation on death count lag:

CDC excess death dashboard:

nature – Are smokers protected against SARS-CoV-2 infection (COVID-19)? The origins of the myth

Actuarial News: Pennsylvania Schools Employers Retirement System

Looking at what’s up with the Pennsylvania Schools Employees Retirement System



Actuarial News – tag PSERS

PSERS at the Public Plans Database

Actuarial News: State and Local Taxes Deductibility Cap

Checking out the current dispute over deductibility of state and local taxes in federal income tax (aka the SALT cap)


Actuarial News, SALT Cap tag

Research on SALT Cap, January 2017

Be seeing y’all again, soon!

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