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Video: U.S. Mortality Through the Pandemic, part 2 -- Differences by State  


11 April 2023, 19:46

Here’s the video:

It includes a data update from the first week of April 2023. The 2022 mortality data is still provisional, so there was some change in the ranking table you see from the March 2023 slides I had.

Graphs from the video: Year-by-year tile grid maps

Time stamps in the video:
02:40 Pre-pandemic mortality 2019
03:53 Pandemic mortality 2020
06:27 Pandemic mortality 2021
07:27 2022 mortality





Percentage changes 2017-2019 to 2020-2022 and ranking results

Time stamps in the video:
09:30 Percentage change from pre-pandemic to pandemic
12:45 Ranking table for percentage change – top ten
14:29 Bottom 41 of the ranking table

Full percentage changes

Ranking table

This ranking is in the order of the percentage increase from the average mortality level 2017-2019 to the level 2020-2022.

Slides and spreadsheets

With the new data, I made updates to the files.

Here are the links:

Dropbox folder with slides and spreadsheets: [pick the April 2023 folder]

Direct link to slides:

Direct link to spreadsheet:


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