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Remembering My Referrers  


20 June 2015, 16:50

Okay, that particular nastiness is out of my system.

I didn’t want to thank my referrers in the same post, because that was some awful subject matter.

I’ve also noticed some people linking to STUMP posts via comments on other sites’ posts/articles and via facebook — thank you so much for linking! In some of these cases, it was a matter of setting certain facts straight, and I’m thinking we, as a group, may be having an effect. Go Us!

I’ve been silent this past week as I have a lot of work right now (and I still do).

I’m working on a few more things, but I can’t promise when they’ll come out. Let’s just say I’m trying to rope in a few more numbers nerds to look at my crunching of the Public Plans Database because I am amusing myself with what I think is a bad analysis.

In the mean time, a few stories that have caught my eye:

This post brought to you by opera-goers in 2000