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How Not To Look Like a Total, Desperate Ass, Part 2  


21 October 2014, 14:33

Don’t do this:

What the literal fuck.

When I saw this yesterday, I thought that might be faked. First, the headline?

That’s a real headline.

Okay, so the Texas Observer did that. But did Wendy Davis really try to use it?

Oh yes, she did.

Now, many people have been pointing out that Greg Abbott is married to a Mexican-American woman, and we could argue about whether “Hispanic” is a race (it’s not), a well-defined ethnicity (it’s not that either), but look.

A guy who married someone from at least a different ethnicity is not exactly the most credible target to cry BIGOT!!! and let slip the dogs of political war.

(and I don’t want to get started about the dildos)

You know, someone should start asking candidates absurd hypotheticals, like ‘Would you defend jus primae noctis if it were the law of the land?’ and ‘Would you consider stopping beating your wife?’

My guess is Wendy Davis just doesn’t care about looking completely ridiculous. If you’re gonna lose, then lose big, I say.

I wonder how she’s going to top herself. I thought the wheelchair ad was pretty bad. This is even worse.

UPDATENOT WENDY DAVIS: But even worse than anything above. This is sick.

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