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Taxing Tuesday: Bernie Tax!  


25 February 2020, 04:51

Thanks to one of my friends, I have gotten to see the glory that is Bernie Tax!

There are two parts to this tax (and I find this misleading, but I’ll get to that in a bit).

First, more tax brackets at the upper end! [I’m using income of $100K, single filer, just for simplicity]

From the website:

My own graphing of marginal tax rate by income just so you can see:

Now, the part I considered misleading: breaking out 4% additional tax at this step of the calculation:

The concept is that you would compare the 4% tax against what you paid in healthcare. As opposed to adding that 4% to all the taxes above, as all the taxes are fungible.

Then there’s the question of what that 4% would get you in either case.

Play with the tool yourself.


I am still waiting on New York.

I don’t like that it’s taking NY so long. I wonder….



I agree; SALT cap zero!

There just may be something else going on in the world right now, too, that could be affecting Japan.

Hmmm, I guess it was obvious.

Get a load of this dumbass.

By the way, I looked at his profile. And saw it had a link supposedly to his website. This was the link. That’s right – he doesn’t have the domain. Or didn’t bother to link it up. My guess is he’s too cheap to pay for anything online.

Or, in my family’s case, raised by their loving father.

…. yeah

Dudes, I think his personal estate planning cost a lot less than $500 million.

Bloomberg has lots of options to avoid whatever dumbass wealth tax the various Dem Socialists cook up. That even the French dropped.

He didn’t get that rich by not knowing how to optimize his money.

Personally, I go for bourbon.

These “I paid my taxes!” certificates are cute. I don’t think we need them in the U.S., though. We have to file our returns to GET OUR MONEY BACK because we were forced to overpay in the prior year.

Okay, then. Why not just shovel more taxes at the government right now?

(SALT cap zero!)

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