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New York Election Roundup, 27 Oct 2014  


27 October 2014, 07:13

You may wonder why I do all this Illinois coverage when I live in New York.

Mainly, there’s not much to report on NY. Especially with regards to politics.

Unlike with the Illinois Governor’s race, it is not close at all in NY:

Over-20-point gap. While Astorino is gaining, it seems highly unlikely to me that Cuomo is going to lose.

However, some other races are much closer: to wit, the House race for where I live.

Now, the deal is where I have lived keeps getting redistricted, for a variety of reasons — the main one being that NY has not had to population growth to keep up with holding onto their House seats. Checking out this Wiki article, NY peaked at 45 reps in the 1930s and 1940s, and has been coming down ever since. With the 2010 Census, we lost two more reps and now we’re down to 27 reps.

Over the same time period, California went from 20 reps to 53 reps. Texas went from 21 to 36. Ah, the scourge that is the interstate highway system and air conditioning.

Anyway, my district has changed since I moved here: the prior, the 19th Congressional District, had kept flip-flopping between Democrat and Republican for some time. Now we’re in the 18th Congressional District, and I have noticed a few things. We’re getting the same head-to-head match off this year as two years ago — Sean Patrick Maloney vs. Nan Hayworth.

First off, I’ve noticed Maloney’s signs around Westchester — I can’t find one online, so I will just have to stop and take a picture of one tomorrow morning. It says, underneath his name, “Clinton Democrat”.

Here is a recent endorsement of Maloney with some details:

Maloney, in an Editorial Board meeting, repeatedly tied Hayworth to the Tea Party, while touting himself as a “Clinton Democrat.” Hayworth found ways to repeat the name “Nancy Pelosi,” the former House speaker, in an attempt to portray Maloney on the liberal fringe. Such messaging is useless for voters, who can easily revisit both candidates’ records.

And he’s going one better, by actually having Hillary Clinton stump for him:

SOMERS, N.Y. — Chappaqua resident and potential presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will join Sean Patrick Maloney at an event at the Pinnacle at Heritage Hills in Somers on Monday, Oct. 27 at 10:30 a.m.
The event is free, but tickets are required to attend.

“For more than two decades, I’ve seen Hillary in action fighting for middle class families, so I look forward to Hillary joining me to discuss our plans to grow our economy and create jobs,” Maloney said in a statement. “Hillary’s led the way breaking down barriers for women and young girls, but our fight isn’t over against the Tea Party crowd who want to destroy opportunities for women by defunding Planned Parenthood, privatizing Social Security and opposing equal pay for equal work.”

Well, we’ll see how popular Hillary is. Yes, we’ve got plenty of Clinton Democrats here in Westchester, but we have plenty of business-type Republicans here, too. Calling Hayworth a Tea Partier is pushing things. It would be like calling George H.W. Bush a Tea Partier.

I see only one poll for my district, with Maloney up 8 — from mid-September. I guess we’ll see if Hayworth loses again.

I have even more local races, but I’m sure no one is much interested in that.

Anyway, I may have one roundup after the election for NY, and those who are interested, please volunteer for Ace of Spades Decision Desk election coverage!

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