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The Path to STUMP  


1 March 2015, 11:15

This is an experiment — the log I’m given in the admin dashboard is somewhat limited. I get only one week’s worth of traffic to the site, and it looks like google is not always giving me the search terms (though bing does… thanks, bing!)

First, I’d like to thank the two main sites that drive traffic to STUMP:

The Other McCain — specifically, Wombat-socho includes STUMP in his linkagery

Wombat has been busy working in the tax filing mines, as well in the middle of other stuff, but even with that reduction in his linking, I get several visitors due to that. Thanks, Wombat!

Pension Tsunami by Jack Dean is a big hitter for me as well, linking to my pension posts, obviously.

I’ve been following the site for years — I originally got sucked into the public pension votex back in 2008, and Jack’s site has been invaluable in informing me about the size of the issue (SPOILER ALERT: it’s huge).

Now, let’s go to the log.

Here are the specific search terms that led to STUMP:

www.U.S. taxpayers PISSED about care Pentely,fucking

That is… a new form of searching I’ve seen. I don’t know what Pentely is. OH DUH PENALTY.

Anyway, I scrolled through 6 pages of results and didn’t see STUMP. Whoever searched on this was probably not a happy person re: Obamacare. There were some very interesting results, though, which might appear in future Obamacare posts.

health insurance chicago pension federal court

Yup, that’s one of the lawsuits out there. STUMP does show up on the first page, so that explains that. I may get into that lawsuit, too. Watch this space.


I don’t know why that’s in all caps. STUMP doesn’t show up until page 8, and I’m pretty sure the issue is pretty well covered in the prior 7 pages. Not sure what they were looking for.

CAMPBELL convicted

Yeah, I’m not that Campbell.

2015 taxpayers angry at reduced refunds

Yeah, that’s my prediction.

chicago firemen’s pension

For a moment, I thought I was the top result, but it turns out no. I’m on page 3. Darn.

1095-a form is wrong, wait to file=

Yes, you do have to wait to file. Sorry, dude.

That’s all I could find from this last week.

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