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Illinois Lottery: You Can't Fool People Forever  


25 October 2015, 12:45

…no matter how mathematically challenged. Especially if they’ve got an easy out nearby.

States surrounding Illinois ready for lottery business

Even buying lottery tickets in Illinois is losing its charm.

Illinois is delaying payouts of more than $600 because of its budget mess and neighboring states are salivating at the chance to boost their own lottery sales. Gas stations, smoke shops and convenience stores near borders, particularly in Indiana, Kentucky, Iowa and Missouri, say they’ve already noticed a difference.

The Hoosier Lottery has issued a statement saying it welcomes Illinois players to Indiana.

In Kentucky’s McCracken County, along Illinois’ southern border, there was a 13 percent jump in scratch-offs from July 1 through Oct. 9, compared to a 9 percent jump statewide.

Seriously, needing a state budget to pay off the lottery prizes is an idiotic way to run a lottery.

I doubt they’ll restructure after this particular exposure of their idiocy, because the pols like Madigan need whatever political levers they can have in the budget battle, given so much of the state spending is “automatic” by judicial fiat.

Thing is, the lottery isn’t much of a lever, especially if you’re surrounded by states with their own lotteries.

A map via Wikipedia: states with lotteries

Let’s check where people in Illinois live:

Oh, mostly near other states. Only a few towns in the middle of the state would be screwed, if they want to waste their money on lotteries.

Yeah, good luck with that lottery lever.

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