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Amassing Predictions for 2016  


14 December 2015, 11:50

One thing I like to do is take predictions and check on them later, as I recently did with respect to a supposed 2012 Obamacare-related boycott.

I made my own predictions back in January, but I didn’t make any difficult predictions. Obviously, they came true. (I need to clear my desk again)

So here’s the first prediction piece I’ve come across, but that’s all financial markets stuff.

I want to follow something more interesting.


Larry Correia made an electrion prediction in August:

My prediction is that the republican nominee will be Ted Cruz. The democrat nominee will be Hillary Clinton.

I will have to revisit this. Cruz is my top pick right now, so I’m hoping Larry is correct.

He has extensive reasoning behind his prediction, but I don’t care about the reasoning so much as the prediction. He claims to have had a good track record, so I’ll have his as one to track.

Part of the issue is that many aren’t making predictions. 538 has no useful predictions up, Vox is only predicting tomorrow:

As ever, Donald Trump will remain the center of attention. [duh]

But expect more of a focus on Ted Cruz than ever before. [okay]

And three other candidates who are behind Rubio nationally — Christie, Bush, and Kasich — all remain in the hunt there. Those three desperately need a New Hampshire win to get back in the national spotlight, so expect their pitches to be aimed squarely at the state’s voters. [boring]

Well, pfft. That’s no fun.


Most of the predictions I’ve seen so far with respect to politics have not been like Larry’s, but more “I really hate Trump, and why I’ve convinced myself nobody will actually vote for him.”

I don’t need to link any of those. They’re easy to find.

Maybe it’s a bit too early in the prediction season. So far, I’ve only got one good set of predictions to watch out for in 2016, and I need to find more.

Little help?

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