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Mornings with Meep: I'm Happy I Didn't Wait  


18 March 2018, 11:21

That is, I’m glad I didn’t stay up on Friday til the news of McCabe’s firing. I was well asleep by then.

Here’s this week’s video:

And here is are some thoughts I didn’t get into in the video.

But first:


The past week’s posts:

Again, if you have something you want to bring to my attention, think I should correct, etc., please email me:


I don’t want to get into the substance as to why McCabe was fired; I just want to talk about the supposed upshot of being fired before he could “retire”.

But first:



He just turned 50 years old today.

When I tweeted yesterday, he was 49.

Isn’t it a shame he can’t take government-funded retirement income right now?


Don’t everybody start crying for him yet. I didn’t realize McCabe was so young (ffs, he started in the FBI the year I graduated college), until the tweets made me actually look it up.

McCabe’s Wiki page:

Andrew George McCabe4 (born March 18, 1968)5 is an American attorney who served as the Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation from February 2016 to January 2018.

March 18, 1968… means he turned 50 today.


A few items discussing the pension issue:

I think with respect to money, McCabe should be just fine… the legal aspects? No clue.

More tweets about his “stolen” retirement:


I have no particular insight re: McCabe’s firing, and my particular blogging interest is public pensions… but I don’t think there’s a story in a federal employee who’s actually vested in the pension not being able to take pension income at age 50.

The story I’m interested in? All the federal employees taking pension income in their 50s…. somebody want to point me to some resources? (Again, email me:

Reading this CNN article REALLY makes me want to know how many non-military folks have extremely-young-age retirements.

And yes, 50 is very young.

With respect to McCabe: it seems to me that there will be some Inspector General reports coming out, and the pension aspect will likely be the smallest aspect of what will be hashed out… and that’s outside my particular blogging topics. So that will almost definitely be it for me on McCabe.

Okay, and here is a song for St. Patrick’s Day and for McCabe:

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