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New Project(s): Re-visualizing the Public Pension Database  


12 January 2018, 03:43

I’ve taken the data from the Public Pension Database and put it on kaggle – while I hope this will get a few other people dipping into this data, it’s more that I can put together some notebooks that others can get and look at….using tools a bit cooler than Excel.

This is the point at which I would normally link to my nifty code and then embed a graph, but….. the code ain’t working. Yet.

So here are the results from Excel. (dang it)

Isn’t that nifty?

You can grab the spreadsheet here.

Mind you, the Public Plans Data site has plenty of perfectly good graphs, but I’m trying to get at some animated gifs, correlations, correlograms, all sorts of stuff that isn’t as easy to get at in Excel and the simplistic tools in many online graphing systems.

But I will have to wrangle the code later.

Thanks to PolicyViz for the base spreadsheet I adapted for this use.

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