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Rhode Island: A Compilation  


2 January 2000, 19:00

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7 September 2014: Public Pensions Watch: Alternative Asset Classes, pt 6 of many, Rhode Island
Rhode Island pensions larded on the hedge funds to try to get outperforming returns. Spoiler alert: they didn’t get it.

3 November 2014: Public Pensions and Election Day: Quick Roundup
One story is about the Rhode Island races for governor and treasurer, both of which have been affected by the pension situation.

27 March 2015: Pension Quick Takes: Nerd Edition (and Rhode Island)
Mostly about actuaries arguing over financial economics, but the Rhode Island bit is about a proposed settlement surrounding litigation over the state pension changes. The union rank-and-file opposed, and the leadership recommended voting for the settlement… because it was very possible for the unions to lose the lawsuit.

29 July 2015: Public Pensions Earnings Season: How are the Assets Doing?
For Rhode Island: not that good.

20 April 2016: Public Pensions Round-up: What’s in meep’s Mailbag?
One item was a lawsuit over Providence, Rhode Island pension reforms.

5 April 2017: Rhode Island Pensions: Let’s Be A Happy Family!
The Rhode Island treasurer Seth Magaziner proposes making it easier for small pension plans to join the state municipal plan. It does not sound like a good idea to me.

6 April 2017: Rhode Island Pensions: Asset Trends
The investment returns for these plans is rather lackluster. Nothing terrible, but definitely falling short of target.

11 April 2017: Rhode Island Pensions: Liability Trends
The funded ratios of these plans are not doing that great, but they have a pattern similar to other “full funders”. The cash flow on ERS does not look good.

10 June 2022: Fewer than 4000 people just approved boosting Providence Rhode Island liabilities by $515 million
In a special election, about 4% of the Providence, RI electorate turned out to approve a proposal to issue pension obligation bonds to double the city’s pension funded ratio.


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