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South Carolina: A Compilation  


2 January 2000, 20:00

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4 September 2014: Public Pensions Watch: Alternative Asset Classes, pt 3 of many, South Carolina

South Carolina is paying high fees for alternative assets in their pension funds. Also, a really questionable hire to run the fund.

14 February 2017: South Carolina Pensions: Asset Trends

No love for the investment returns for South Carolina RS on Valentine’s Day — they fall well short of targets, and the high allocation to alternative asset classes isn’t much helping.

18 February 2017: South Carolina Pensions: Recent Rumblings….and Rumbles

State Treasurer Curtis Loftis points out problems with the SC pensions, and the state legislature tinkers at the edges of the problem.

19 February 2017: South Carolina Pensions: Investment Returns Recalc

Yes, SCRS has an asset-side problem. And I have a problem with consistency with the data from the Public Plans Database. I geek out hard.

19 February 2017: South Carolina Pensions: Liability Trends

I finally get to the liability side issues, and it’s ugly with a capital UGH. Negative amortization. Puke.


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